Red Bull TV

Front row access to the most extreme content wherever you are.

Red Bull wanted to break the mold of being a brand not just known for their beverages by showing their fans they've been creating incredible content for years. In order to do that they needed a platform to showcase content in a way which was consistent with their existing brand identity. We designed Red Bull TV to give viewers front-row access to live events, sports, music, entertainment and adventures with top athletes and artists across multiple platforms.

Role: Creative/Art Direction & Design
Agency: UENO
Client: Red Bull

Launch Red Bull TV


Creating a visual language and system that could extend from the browser to phones and tablets, all game consoles, streaming devices, and smart TVs. Red Bull TV is the destination for all things extreme wherever you are.


Viewers can sit back and watch live events full screen in all it's glory or join the conversation in a live chat with other fans.


Custom show pages were designed to be flexible for any amount of episodes or type of show RBTV plays.


A rich, visual calendar allows viewers to stay up to date on upcoming events and set reminders so they never miss out on the action.


Project Credits

Creative Direction / Chad Tafolla
Design / Chad Tafolla, Robin Noguier, Jenny Johannesson, Robbin Cenjin, Mira Sestan, Haraldur Thorleiffson
Development / James Dickie, Finnur Sigurðsson, Hrafn Hrafnsson, Birkir Guðjónsson