A digital soda fountain experience that turns consumers into mixologists.

PepsiCo wanted to innovate traditional soda fountain machines by adding a digital touch screen with a fun, intuitive UI that gives consumers the opportunity to personalize their own beverage.

Pepsi Spire 2.0, the revolutionary touchscreen fountain, puts users in control. They can quickly browse brands, customize their drink with up to 500 beverage combinations and pour—thanks to a simple, fun selection process and seamless navigation. Pepsi Spire 2.0 bridges the digital to physical worlds and transforms how we interact with our beverages.

Role: Concept, Creative/Art Direction & Design
Agency: Firstborn
Client: PepsiCo Food Service
Awards: Red Dot Award, Comm. Design 2014

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Attract Loop + Interface

Along with the interface, we created an attract loop when the machine was not in use to entice users to walk up to the machine and interact. We captured high speed video of several brand liquids to help marry the product with the playfulness of our UI. Using illustration, 3D animation and motion graphics we brought the attract loop to life and seamlessly integrated it with the interface.

Behind the Scenes

We custom made several components to shoot high speed video of several beverages for use in the attract loop. From the rigs for dispensing and pouring soda down to hand-chipped ice this shoot was a lot of fun to work on with the fine folks at Assembly Films handling the production.


The Spire Family at the National Restaurant Association Show 2014