Welcome to the future of vending.

With Coca-Cola being first to market with their digital vending machine, Pepsi was looking to make a splash with their first ever digital touchscreen vending machine. Pepsi Vending was one of my initial projects at Firstborn, and I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to work on a digital/physical product. At the time of conception, design and execution it was imperative that we keep the project "top secret." In order to do this we put into place a very small special ops team for what would be a year long project. Featuring a 42" vertical touchscreen, the team created the iconic bottles from scratch in 3D allowing us to use any angle we needed for stills and animation. This unit only ended up making it to Penn State University but an updated interface (to join the Spire family) will be making it's debut soon.

Role: IA, Art Direction & Design
Agency: Firstborn
Client: PepsiCo


The home screen was designed to be dynamic. Pepsi had complete control via a custom CMS to re-arrange, remove or add drinks depending upon location or sales preference. The design was flexible to accomodate for two and up to ten beverages at one time. The entire interface was also designed with ADA consumers in mind so anyone from a child to someone 7' tall could enjoy the experience.


Each product page was given the royal treatment to immerse the user in the brand world. Color, pattern, videos and of course the bottle, was meticulously created for over 20 brands.


We created a custom game utilizing the height of the 42" touchscreen. Upon purchase, the user was presented with the game while they waited for their drink to be vended, giving them a chance to win a free drink if they popped the correct bubble.