Creating a VR physical & digital experience in retail.

With the release of two new headsets, Oculus Quest and Rift S, the brand's retail space was due for a complete overhaul. From the ground up, the physical footprint was redesigned introducing a 43” touchscreen allowing customers to get closer to the products. An eye-catching attract loop invites passersby to come up and interact with the screen and learn which headset is right for them.

Role: Strategy, Creative & Design Direction
Agency: Oculus in-house
Client: Oculus/Facebook

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Touchscreen User Interface

We created unique product pages per headset allowing users to interact with the product via 3D render. Using the product itself as navigation, you can swipe and drag to learn more about specific features.

Attract Loop

In order to entice users to interact with the touchscreen when it was not in use, we created an attract loop video that showcased the beautiful details and features of each product at a macro level.


Prototyping is a huge part of my design process and we did many on this project in order to prove out designs and UX flows.


Project Credits

Strategy, Creative & Design Direction / Chad Tafolla
Design / Camiel Flohr
Front End Development / John Iacoviello
Motion / The Mill