A launch for the world's first ever all-in-one Virtual Reality headset.

After the massive success from their first headset via Kickstarter, Oculus was set to announce the world's first all-in-one wireless headset. To broaden appeal expanding from the hardcore gamer audience of Rift, Oculus Go adopted a lifestyle approach which extended to all touchpoints throughout the user journey from product to marketing.

As my first project a few short months after joining Oculus – I led the strategy, creative/art direction and design across all digital touchpoints, films, retail experience, product new user experience and photography. With an announcement by Mark Zuckerberg onstage at Oculus Connect 4, this work has been one of the most wide ranging projects of my career.

Role: Strategy, Art/Creative Direction, Design
Agency: Oculus internal
Client: Oculus/Facebook


Lifestyle Photography

In order to appeal to a wider audience than Rift was aimed at, I directed the first lifestyle photo shoot for the brand. Using warm textures and other elements you'd find in your home, these photos were used in a variety of marketing initiatives for the launch.

Teaser Website

Leading up to the announcement of the product, we created a website in 1 month from UX, design, prototypes, photoshoots and development as the product and overall release strategy was changing up until the last minute. This was the first time introducing WebGL on the Facebook platform.

Companion App —
New User Experience

Working closely with the Oculus Product Design team, I led the Art Direction of the new user experience & product setup on our mobile companion app for both iOS and Android.

Product Launch Film

To showcase our newest product in all it's glory, we created a detailed CGI film of the main features of the headset for reveal at Oculus Connect 4.